Why Watch Hours?
Read Minutes. Convert Lectures to Articles.

Reccap extracts summaries and key moments from videos, so that you learn more in less time.

Reccap Helps You ...
Reccap turn lectures into a rich article

Academic Recap Bite-sized articles for stress-free exam prep.

Reccap turn lectures into a rich article

Professional Development Stay updated with quick-read industry insights.

Reccap turn lectures into a rich article

Conference Summaries Shareable key takeaways from every session.

Why Reccap?
Reccap saves you time

Time Efficiency - Transform lengthy videos into short, digestible articles with Reccap. Save hours and get to the core of content in minutes!

Enhanced Learning - Grasp complex ideas swiftly with Reccap's summarization. Visual key frames aid in understanding and retention.

Reccap helps you understand better
You can switch between reading and watching

Flexibility - Switch between video and text effortlessly to suit your learning style and circumstances.